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We have created a site, with the latest live share market prices from the National stock exchange and the Bombay stock exchange, known as the BSE & NSE.

The SENSEX is traded on the BSE, and the NIFTY on the BSE.

Click on a company and research its background, looking at its live stock price, compare this to its 52 week high and low, and see how this plots on the intra-day and historical share price charts.

Ask yourself, how has this company performed in the past relative to the NIFTY & SENSEX ?

Then use our extensive share market news section to learn more about the individual company’s news, and how this relates to the general news about the stock market.

We have analysis for the 200 major companies listed on the BSE SENSEX & NSE NIFTY.

Finally examine our technical analysis for any stock market tips, they may reveal, and watch the collection of videos for each individual share. In these videos you will find share market experts, providing their stock market analysis and share tip recommendations.

Ask yourself now, how will this company perform in the future relative to the BSE SENSEX & NSE NIFTY?

Then it’s over to you to play the Share Market Game.

Will you buy or sell, follow the market or go against it? Remember the market is not always right and the brave will profit!

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National Stock Exchange (NSE) operates a nationwide electronic trading share market in India (NSE INDIA), offering share market trading in capital, derivatives (NIFTY FUTURE), and currency market segments including equities, ETF's and retail government securities (bonds). More

The NSE account for nearly 70% of the equity market trading in India

, and is where the NIFTY Index is listed. It also accounts for 90% of equity derivatives, of which the NIFTY 50 Future accounts for the majority of this. Today the NSE network stretches to more than 1500 locations in India and supports more than 2000 share trading terminals.

Investors can see how the market as a whole if performing by looking at NIFTY INDEX, this comprises of the 50 largest companies in India, and is traded using the NIFTY FUTURE.

NSE offers more than 10 asset classes to trade; NSE INDIA has taken many initiatives to strengthen the securities industry and has launched several new share market products like mini NIFTY, long dated options, currency and interest rate derivatives, and a mutual fund service system. NSE INDIA has introduced services like DMA, cross margining, FIX capabilities and co location facilities to NSE members.

NSE is committed to operate a share market ecosystem which is transparent

and at the same time offers high levels of safety, integrity and corporate governance, providing ever growing share market trading and investment opportunities for investors.

NSE and CME group have co listing arrangements, including licence agreements covering benchmark indexes for U.S and Indian equities.

NSE INDIA plays an important role in helping Indian companies' access equity capital

by providing a liquid and well regulated share market ecosystem. NSE has about 1400 companies listed representing the length, breadth and diversity of the Indian economy which includes industries from high-tech to heavy industry, software, refinery, public sector units, infrastructure and financial services. This general market sentiment can be taken from the NIFTY index which incorporates shares from all sectors of the economy.

Each and every NSE listed company is required to satisfy stringent financial, public distribution and management requirements. High listing standards foster investor confidence and also bring credibility to the markets.

The stock exchanges along with a host of other intermediaries provide the necessary platform for trading, clearing and settlement in the secondary share market within the regulatory framework prescribed by the Exchanges and the Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI).

The NSE trading system called "National Exchange for Automated Trading" (NEAT) is a fully automated screen based trading system, which adopts the principles of an order driven market system. It facilitates an online and fully automated system providing a nationwide, anonymous, order driven, screen based trading platforms, which bring credibility to the markets. The systems are used to trade individual company shares and well as the flagship NIFTY INDEX FUTURE.


The BSE is India's and Asia's first stock exchange with its flagship product being the SENSEX INDEX, and has been in operation since 1875, and was previously referred to as the Bombay stock exchange. Its aim is to provide a well regulated platform from which corporations can raise capital to facilitate growth. More

BSE INDIA is regarded as the worlds No 1 exchange by the number of companies listed

on its platform, at the last count some 5000, these companies have a market valuation in excess of USD 1.5 trillion. Its flagship BSE SENSEX index comprises of the 30 largest of these 5000 companies by market capitalisation.

BSE also provides clearing, market data, risk management and education services to its members, and has a global reach. Its aim is drive growth within the Indian capital markets, safe guard market liquidity, and stimulates competition and innovation in all market segments.

BSE's most popular index is the S&P BSE SENSEX

, which is India's most tracked stock market benchmark, and as well as being traded domestically, it is also traded on international exchanges such as EUREX Exchange of Germany, and other BRIC countries.

BSE INDIA's corporate vision statement is to "Emerge as the premier Indian stock exchange with best-in-class global practice in technology, products innovation and customer service." BSE aims to do this with the provision of single stock trading and Index products such as the BSE SENSEX INDEX FUTURE.

The switch from open floor to electronic trading accoutred in 1995, and stocks, stock options, index futures (SENSEX INDEX FUTURE) and index futures can all be traded electronically using a range of software that all connects to the central BSE trading infrastructure.

The BSE SENSEX overall performance is an accurate measure of the Indian corporate economy and encompasses the 12 major sectors of the economy.

BSE contract timeline

1988 - SENSEX launched

1889 - BSE National Index launched, renamed BSE - 100 in 1996

2006 - Dollar linked version of BSE - 100 launched

All of the stocks contained within the BSE SENSEX and BSE 100 index are reviewed on a quartley basis and companies near the bottom are judged on several factors, as to if they should remain in the index for be replaced by new companies.

The BSE and its main index, the SENSEX index have won many awards, and is the first exchange in Asia to be awarded ISO 9001:2000 certification, and was cited as one of the best performing stock markets in 2013 by reuters.

S&P CNX NIFTY 8119.30 (168.40 2.12%)
CNX 100 8248.80 (169.55 2.10%)
CNX 500 6789.10 (134.60 2.02%)
CNX MIDCAP 13272.10 (273.40 2.10%)

NSE & BSE Stocks to Watch α = Performance relative to Nifty


Top Performers Relative to Nifty Performance relative to Nifty since 01/01/2013

CompanyLast TradedPerformance
Financial Technologies India Ltd110.75 Rs86.40%
Apollo Tyres Ltd.190.95 Rs52.36%
Aurobindo Pharma Ltd.765.50 Rs38.52%
Voltas Ltd.270.10 Rs30.64%
Motherson Sumi Systems Ltd.238.10 Rs28.38%
Ashok Leyland Ltd.94.70 Rs27.99%
Shree Cement Ltd.12597.15 Rs26.52%
Gujarat Pipavav Port Ltd.196.50 Rs26.13%
Rajesh Exports Ltd581.20 Rs25.66%
Info Edge (India) Ltd.797.30 Rs24.98%

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CNX 500 Chart

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